Fabiano Goulart began designing jewelry when he realized that it was difficult for him to find a ring that represented his personal style. He realized that he wasn't going to find what he was looking for in the work of others and he would have to create it with his own hands. In collaboration with a jewelry store, he created his first piece. Little did he know that this piece would be a part of his destiny, and the key to opening his new career.


A few years ago Fabiano decided to study goldsmithing. He learned how to handle silver and gold, yet his passion was for wood, a distinct characteristic of his brand. After finishing another course in jewelry design he decided to put it into practice and created a small collection comprised of 120 pendants to see how well the market would react.

The collection was launched in the spring of 2016 in Ibiza, where he resides, and from there, his jewelry spread globally reaching cities such as London, New York and Tokyo. In a few months, the collection was sold, causing Fabiano to lose all hesitation and inspired him to create a bigger and more complete line.


This collection is called TERRAE BRASILIS, and was inspired by the body paintings of indigenous Brazilian tribes and is an authentic way to express the culture of a people who fight for the preservation of the environment. The sophistication of silver compliments the natural warmth of the wood. The designs are clean and simple creating fusion and harmony between the materials.

Our current reality is one of unsustainable and unchecked consumption, where materials and items are eagerly consumed and thrown away. With this sad reality in mind, the collection uses the conscientious method of using recycled silver and wood. All the wood is native from Brazil with different colors, aromas and textures. This gives the jewelry a rustic yet at the same time sophisticated quality. The wood comes from unutilized carpenter's scraps, pieces that are discarded as useless, small and irregular. Pieces that for the carpenter has no use, but for jewelery, it is exactly what is needed.

All the carpenters from which the wood is salvaged from are highly regulated and possess the proper documentation showing that they only use legalized wood. Guaranteeing that the jewelry is created through ethical means. Other scraps of wood are acquired from demolition sites and the destruction of old furniture. Today these same cuts of wood that were used in the construction of these old houses and furniture are prohibited by law. The only way to use these woods is through re-utilization.

Even the silver is recycled, coming from old x-ray plates. These plates were composed of two parts: acetate and silver. Acetate is nothing more than a plastic, that takes more than 100 years to decompose naturally. Silver is a heavy metal that can contaminate soil and groundwater tables if discarded directly as trash. Because of this, the plates are recycled. The acetate becomes gift packaging and the silver is extracted and utilized in the production of jewelry.

This whole process encompasses ecological awareness and the integration of art and nature. And what is the result of all this? Modern jewelry that serves a higher purpose than just aesthetics. Jewelry that symbolizes a love for the planet and a way of being.