This collection is called TERRAE BRASILIS and was inspired by the body paintings of indigenous Brazilian tribes. It is an homage to the culture of people who fight for the preservation of their environment and their authentic way of expressing themselves. The sophistication of silver complements the natural warmth of the wood. The designs are clean and simple creating fusion and harmony between the materials.

Each category of this collection is named after an indigenous tribe, showcasing the exuberance of the graphic expressions in their body paintings.

Their body paintings are as necessary and aesthetically important to them as clothing in an urban environment.

For the indigenous people, this art has many meanings, not only vanity or in search of the perfect aesthetics, but it also represents their way of expressing their values.

The TERRAE BRASILIS collection offers an array of options that will please your senses and distinguish you from the rest, but above all it shines a light on a sustainable product that is respectful of the environment and its indigenous people.

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